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April 15, 2009


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I think it's a great look. But when I've done it, I've had women "of a certain age" whisper confidentially to me "Honey, your slip is showing!" which I find endlessly amusing :)

I showed my slip intentionally for the first time last week inspired by your bench monday pose. I was a little shy about it, but no one knew and they thought it was an intentional part of my dress. What I think is funny too is when I wear vintage slips as skirts. No one knows unless I tell them and they're so comfy! It's what we used to wear around the house on Sunday afternoons so our Sunday dresses wouldn't get too wrinkly and now I get to wear it out!

definitely show the slip. especially if it's pretty!

I had to tweet this post, it was making me want slips *so* bad! Great idea and the photos are so lovely.

Very cute examples. Where are you finding your slips? Doesn't seem like stores carry them anymore...

I love the slip showing look. I think how people of a certain age view it all depends on the combination. For example, I have an orange slip that doesn't have a lacy bottom that hangs out a good 3 inches below the black wrap dress I wear it with. I've had older women complement me on it thinking it was all one piece.

great look!

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